It’s All Worth It

Lately I’ve sort of felt like I was slipping back into a diabetes burnout.  Which is something I never want to let myself experience again, because I know once I’m in it…I’m in it for a long time, and I’m in trouble!

But this Tuesday I had my endocrinology appointment.  That means, yes, you guessed it: a new A1c value.  My recent A1cs have been fabulous (December 2010: 5.9%, April 2011: 5.6%) lately, but I just wasn’t sure how this one would be. I was hoping for under 6%.  My meter average indicated it might be closer to 6.2%.

Actually, it’s 5.7%.

And THAT my friends, that one number, is the reason I can say that all the work I put into my diabetes is worth it!

(And, on a side note: I’m horrified by how little some medical students know. The med student who examined me and spoke with me before my endo came in didn’t know how to read a simple trend graph of my blood sugars, didn’t seem to really know what a healthy or normal blood sugar range might be, didn’t understand basal/bolus, and had never seen an insulin pump before much less understand the first thing about how it works. She also didn’t know at all how retinopathy is treated. EEK!)


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