Wait, wait, wait…you can be skinny and Type 2?!

Yes…you can.

I used to be one of the many people brainwashed by the mass media into believing that all Type 2 diabetics are obese, did it to themselves, and I had little to no sympathy for their condition.  I figured why feel bad for someone who put themselves into this boat…whereas I, as a Type 1, did nothing to put myself into this boat?

Boy, I’m glad I woke up.  Much of it thanks to the fine folks at TuDiabetes.  I know now that there are MANY reasons for Type 2 diabetes.  And even obesity may NOT be a cause – it’s correlated, that we know for sure, but as anyone who’s taken statistics knows: correlation does NOT equal causation.

I was also introduced to the world of the thin Type 2 diabetics.  There are many of them out there – many of them weigh less than I do and are athletes.  And yet, they have a disease so often represented as a ‘fat person’s disease’.

So it really peaked my interest when I found this article last night: Low Body Fat May Not Lower Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes, Genetic Study Shows.

Just thought I’d share!


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