“I Don’t Want to Hurt You”

For those of you pumping, have you ever asked your significant other to insert the infusion set?

It only hurts me about 1/3 of the time, and even then usually only for a few seconds.  But despite dealing with needles for 19 years, I can’t get over feeling jumpy when it’s time to put in a new set.

Tonight, as I sat with my Inset cocked back and ready to go, pressed firmly against my thigh….I froze.  I didn’t want to insert it.  I looked at my boyfriend and said “I don’t want to do it.  You should do it.”  Now, I was just talking.  I didn’t really need him to reach over and do it.  I guess it was just a way to show that I may have had this for 19 years, but I’m by no means so comfortable with it that I can stab myself and not blink twice.

His response?  A simple “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Those six words are very powerful for a diabetic to hear.  Not because I think he wouldn’t do it.  I think that if I really needed him to help me, he’d do it in a heartbeat.

But they’re important because they acknowledge that yes…diabetes is a PAINFUL disease.  There are parts of it that, frankly, just freaking hurt.

And I think that’s an extremely important realization many need to understand about diabetes.

I don’t just have to ‘watch what I eat’.  I have stabbed myself with needles thousands upon thousands of times, and I will have to continue to do so until either a)I die or b)a cure is found.

Diabetes hurts.



One thought on ““I Don’t Want to Hurt You”

  1. Despite the fact that I give my son pokes 10000 times a day, and he’s fine with it, I never want to do it to myself. (ie to show someone else how to do it.) So, that shows you how much even a little pain is hard when we’re going to inflict it on ourselves.

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