Life For a Child

I watched a very powerful video today, produced by the International Diabetes Federation’s Life For a Child program in conjunction with Eli Lilly and Company.  It made me realize how truly grateful I am to have diabetes in the USA, where I have access to glucose testing, insulin pumps, and a vast body of knowledge about diabetes.  Others in the world are not so lucky.  Many people suffer in order to care for their diabetes or the diabetes of a loved one.  Many of those who suffer are children.

If you have 28 minutes to spare in your day, I highly recommend you watch this video:

I know budgets are tight for many people lately, but if you’d like to/can get involved, you can make a tax deductible donation to Life for a Child by visiting Donations go towards providing insulin, syringes, blood glucose monitoring supplies, A1c testing, diabetes education, and more to 8,000 children in 26 countries.

Let’s help those who don’t have ready access to the things we often take for granted!


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