Medtronic Is Teaming Up…With Ford?

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Medtronic is apparently going to be teaming up with Ford Motor Co. to bring CGM displays to your car. It seems the new system will communicate with a Medtronic CGM and display your current reading through a “center stack display” and audio alerts.

I suppose this is exciting for people who can afford a)the new generation Ford cars that will come with this technology and b)use Medtronic CGM already.

For others (like myself…who drive an older Chevy and are anti-Medtronic)…it seems sort of silly. If you need to know your blood sugar that often and already use a CGM…why can’t you just check your receiver/pump display…and use audio and vibrate alerts for lows? I’m not sure that this ‘new technology’ is going to go far. It seems like a bit of overkill. Personally, when I’m driving, I’m concentrating on my driving. I’m not saying to myself ‘Well, 2 minutes ago my blood sugar was fine. Am I fine now? Oh gawd, I wonder what it is now!?’…

Something that is exciting is that “Medtronic is working with several other companies on ways to integrate its glucose monitors with technologies such as iPads, smart phones and laptop computers”…Hmm, now if only Dexcom would do the same. I would be down with a CGM that displayed my data on my phone – the extra piece of equipment (receiver) is the reason I’m not on CGM yet!

Anyway, the full article can be found here:


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