Saturday Snapshots

I did not participate in Diabetes Blog Week yesterday. Yesterday’s prompt asked us to blog about something special we’ve done because of diabetes. Yeah…I have no idea. Most people seemed to blog about how the best thing they’ve done because of diabetes is becoming a part of the DOC. And while I appreciate that, I was looking for a more original response from myself. I don’t have one though…

Today, however, I’m back! It’s snapshot Saturday, and I have a series of photos for today’s blog. Let me walk you through my day, in a much-less-complicated-than-real-life way…

I began my day with a blood sugar that was low. No, I don’t know how low. It was early (5:50am), and so I just grabbed jelly beans from my 2lb bag that I keep by my bed, ate those, and went back to bed. Check out that bag! Yes, I know it’s a lot of jelly beans. But it will last me practically forever.

Three hours later I woke up to a blood sugar of 98. Pretty great, if I say so myself.

Then late in the morning, I hit another low of 61. Another few jellybeans and I was up to 73 and ready for lunch.

Before heading out to run errands, I was a bit high at 153. I gave myself a correction bolus and we were on our way to get groceries and stop at Target.

By the time we were ready to head home almost 90 minutes later, I was feeling funny. I got behind the wheel and checked my blood sugar with the meter in my car (didn’t get a picture of my blue UltraMini, sorry) and was only 55. I promptly switched seats with my boyfriend so he could drive us home and I drank a juice box. Here are the remains…(by the way, check it out…it’s a tiny glimpse of a small part of the interior of my new-to-me car!)

By dinner time I was at a delightful 84. Success! I have yet to see how dinner is treating me in terms of blood sugar however. It could be bad…I had lasagna, garlic bread, and corn. Carby!

Later tonight I had to do a site change. This entails taking out my old empty insulin cartridge and filling a new one with insulin, loading it into my pump, priming the tubing, inserting the infusion set, and priming the cannula. Here you see my Inset (9mm straight set), my not-yet-assembled cartridge/syringe, my NovoLog, an alcohol prep pad, and my pump which is making a full ‘rewind’ of its little motorized plunger.

That’s my day (so far) in just a few photos. I actually took quite a few more, but there just isn’t room in this blog entry for more pictures. I’m excited to see the other snapshot Saturday blogs around the DOC. Hopefully it was a better blood sugar day for everyone else (I could have done without going low three times…)


3 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshots

  1. Sara says:

    2 lbs?! Wow! I have no self-control and those jelly beans would be gone waayyy sooner than they were supposed to be!

    • Yes, I found them at Target! I’m not a huge jelly bean eater, so they’re surviving…so far. I think my boyfriend is more tempted by them than me. He comments on them every time he sees the bag 🙂

      I just needed to get away from glucose tablets. I’m so sick of them. They’re so chalky and blegh….yuck.

  2. I love the way you took us through your whole day in pictures. And since Easter, I’ve been treating my lows with Jelly Bellys too!! I think this may be my new favorite low treatment. I didn’t know they come in two pound bags though – I’m going to need to look for that!!

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