Ten Things I Hate About You, Diabetes

Diabetes, I hate you because of:

10. All the gear I need to keep myself alive. I always have to know where my nearest glucose meter is, where my fast-acting carbs are, how much insulin I have left in my pump…I’d love to be able to just leave the house and not have to think about ANY of that.

9. The way you inspire completely ignorant people to feel the need to tell me how I can ‘cure’ my diabetes.

8. The way you make people look at me with pity when they find out, as if I’m dying of something horrible.

7. The way you make people assume I got diabetes either because I a)ate too much sugar as a child or b)must have been morbidly obese in the past. People know so little about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes…and I hate being tagged under either stupid stereotype.

6. The feelings of depression that settle over me when you aren’t behaving well or when I just feel helpless and alone in dealing with you. Because I do feel alone often.

5. The way you are slowly killing the earth. The massive amounts of medical waste I and all other diabetics produce is scary…we are filling landfills with used diabetes supplies.

4. I hate the bleeding and the pain. You make me bleed multiple times a day and you make me insert painful needles into my body. Other diabetics are lying when they say ‘It never hurts’. It does, sometimes. A lot.

3. The way you make other people worry about my health and long-term well-being. Especially my boyfriend. He doesn’t talk about it, but I think he worries. He shouldn’t have to worry about me. How is that fair to him?

2. The never-ending guilt that comes with any blood sugar that is either too high or too low…I hate that much of my feelings of self-worth are determined by how I’m doing with my diabetes.

1. You took my aunt/godmother from my family and I, after you’d already taken both her legs and her kidneys from her.

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