Diabetes Bloopers

Today’s Diabetes Blog Week prompt asks us to write about those ‘D’oh!’…*facepalm* moments in dealing with diabetes. Those things that go wrong that are just so stupid they’re funny. Or so scary you have to pretend their funny so you can move on.

Here are just a few of my D-bloopers, in no particular order:

1. Every time I’ve ever given myself an injection (back in the day of syringes and insulin pens) in a muscle. OW!!!
2. Every time I’ve given myself an injection in a vein. Then it bleeds and a bunch of insulin comes back out…and I’m left thinking ‘Crap…how much insulin went IN?’
3. The vulgar things I shout when I put in a new infusion set and it hurts for a second. Today’s wasn’t shouted, but it sure wasn’t polite.
4. The time(s?) I got so drunk I needed roommates to check my blood sugar cause I couldn’t work the meter (you have to be pretty drunk to not figure out how to put a test strip in to make it turn on…). Lucky for me, two years I lived with a nursing student and he LOVED checking my blood sugar!
5. The times I’ve ripped out infusion sets by pulling on the tubing (hard) while changing clothes. It’s an even better blooper when it’s a BRAND NEW infusion set that’s been in for mere minutes.
6. The utter confusion that is caused when my friend KC sees me and yells ‘It’s a cyborg!’…or the utter confusion caused when KC is sitting next to me and raises my shirt hem up a bit (he’s using my pump as a clock and just wants to know the time…other people don’t know this and think he’s being super creepy. I personally think it’s funny.)
7. Anytime I don’t time things right and totally run out of insulin and my pump starts alarming loudly. Especially when it’s clipped to my bra. (Note, this happened once at the Y.) I just know someone wants to ask ‘Why are your boobs musical?’
8. The times I’m so low I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do to feel better. I usually sit there and cry until I get help from someone. Thankfully this has only happened with close family and friends, and I haven’t (yet) had to rely on strangers for this help.
9. Back in the days of injections…not remembering if I gave myself my Lantus or not. You do the math.
10. The time I went to work last year with 3 units of insulin in my pump. And I had no idea. And I had to go all the way home and change my infusion set/get more insulin and get back to school before the kids came for the day.


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