Diabetes Blog Week

I’m excited to announce that this week (beginning on May 9) I will be just one of many people participating in the 2011 Diabetes Blog Week!

Diabetes Blog Week

As a new D-blogger I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the huge variety of things D-related that I could blog about. I hardly know where to start. That’s where DBW is going to be a huge help in getting Delightfully Diabetic going. For those of you who don’t know how DBW works, there is a set topic for each day of the week (and a few wildcard topics if they’re needed). Everyone who’s participating will blog about that topic in their blog that day. It gives the DOC a way to view many varying viewpoints on one particular aspect of living with diabetes. There will be blogs posted by T1s, T2s, LADAs, parents of diabetic children, etc…

What better way to kick off this blog than taking part in such an exciting week of blogging? Watch for my DBW blogs coming soon!


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